We live in a time where shouting has drowned out listening, dignity is disregarded and where selfishness and ego rule. Today we lack respect for ourselves and each other. Our vision is to raise a generation with respect at their core. To train a generation and transform our nation into one where we respect one another. For understanding is our greatest bond.


With child-centric education for the whole family. Children learn in everything they do.   It’s not just in the classroom but in the world that a family creates around them. Our belief is that teaching the entire family will strengthen the lesson for each child, extending beyond the classroom into the home and those around them. By involving parents in their homes, they can be reassured they are doing well and are empowered to provide positive guidance to their children.

Enrolments CLOSED for 2022 
Taking expression of interest for late 2023


Our Montessori family day care will be run by Stephanie  (AMI Montessori trained teacher).  We will be following the Montessori philosophy. It will be a space where children feel empowered, valued and heart. Parents will be offered parent support, education and guidance. It is a space designed for both parent and child. We are registered under FDC United Educators Scheme.


It caters for children aged 16 months - 4 years.  The operating hours are 8:30-4:30 from Monday to Friday open all year around. The service is closed over Christmas and closed 2 weeks spread out over the year. It is an authentic Montessori program and it also includes the below: 


  • Food preparation/cooking with the children

  • Yoga and fitness sessions 

  • Mini sport sessions

  • Music and dance 

  • Art and creativity 

  • All meals are homemade & cows milk and almost milk is provided

  • Nappies and wipes

  • Bed sheets


We offer simple to complex home consultations to educate and support parents with young children aged birth-six years. We offer basic and comprehensive consultations.  

Topics Covered:

  • How to communicate effectively 

  • How to deal with the toddler years

  • How to build independence and self autonomy 

  • Building cooperation with your child 

  • Implement Montessori principles in the home

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Children aged birth - 6 years​

Topics Covered:

  • Education on the fundamental principles of Montessori 

  • Decluttering of toys for living room/bedroom

  • Strategies in how to implement the Montessori principles in your home

  • Recommendations on developmentally appropriate activities for your child 

  • Suggestions on how to create independence and self-autonomy in the kitchen

  • Strategies on how to effectively communicate

  • Observation report post visit

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Children aged  18 months - 3 years​

Topics Covered: 

  • Education on Dr.Maria Montessori theory (Absorbent mind, sensitive periods and four planes on development)

  • Activities that supporting gross motor development

  • Developing fine motor development with food preparation activities

  • Strategies in dealing with the self-affirmation toddler stage

  • Tips on how to build cooperate with your toddler

  • Support and guidance in creating a Montessori home

  • Guidance on when and how to begin toilet learning

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