Lisa Gomes, mother of 2 children 

Stephanie is a rare find. The combination of her wealth of knowledge and her extremely warm and caring personality ensure that children in her care feel very at ease and love being with her. Stephanie takes the time to explain Montessori concepts to both the child and parent so that learning can continue organically at home. Her teaching style encouraged my daughter to have genuine love of learning and exploring new "things" anAd concepts. Spending time with Stephanie is a pleasure for both child and parent alike. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Hisako Russo, mother of a 3 year old.

My daughter had a wonderful time attending the under 3's program with the help of Stephanie.  I can tell Stephanie has a genuine love and passion for her students and Montessori. It was such a pleasure to watch my daughter bond with her first ever teacher!

Kylie Beaufoy, mother of a 3 year old

Every interaction with Stephanie has delighted me. I believe that Mason has greatly benefited in not only his direct interactions with Stephanie and in the classroom. 

Stephanie showed me in the most kind,  respectful and enjoyable way to raise my child in ways that I can see encourage more independence, self respect, empathy, internal motivation and self discipline than my previous parenting ideas/practices did.

Stephanie is a truly valuable confidant for me too in the way that I can ask her how to handle common toddler problems. I am far more enlightened after conversations with her and find that my beautiful toddler responds much better to the methods she suggests than the alternatives. 

Stephanie's respectful, intelligent, kind way of dealing with people pleases both the students and the parents.

With a passion about children and their development equaled only by her patience and kindness, Stephanie provides an environment that is a superior place for children to begin their education both academically and emotionally.  

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