Montessori Plus Activity Packs 

These packs are in conjunction with the home consultations. We have meticulously assembled these packs to assist in creating a Montessori home catered for children aged six months - three years. 

Packs starting from $200

Essential Montessori Kitchen Set


All items below are hand picked for a child aged 16 months - 3 years. Acquiring these in the home will help your child become independent and self-autonomous as young as 2 years. The more opportunities we offer children the confident they become. ​

Easy To Use Place Mat
12 Bowl and Plate Set
First Cutlery Set
Small Jug
First Knife
First Cup
Small Chopping Board
Crinkle Cutter
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Essential  Montessori Toddler Set


This set includes activities that will develop and refine fine motor skills. These activities will increase your child's focus and concentration. It includes practical life activities such as window washing and cleaning, these specific activities teach responsibility and respect for their environment, 


They are catered for a child aged 18 months - 3 years. 

Small Chalkboard
Wooden Fraction Board
Wooden Glue Box
Beading and Lacing Activity
Small Wooden Tray (2)
Window Washing Set
Small Dust Pan and Broom
Posting Activity
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Essential  Montessori Baby Set


These items are developmentally appropriate for a child aged between 5-12 months. These items encourage grasping and crawling. 

Heimess Nature Ring Rattle
Camden Rose Wooden Rattle
Pop Up Roller Rattle
Interlocking Circles
Wooden Grasping Toy
Soft Kicking Ball
Felt Balls
Sensory Balls
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