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We live in a time where shouting has drowned out listening, dignity is disregarded and where selfishness and ego rule.

Today we lack respect for ourselves and each other.

Our vision is to raise a generation with respect at their core.

To train a generation and transform our nation into one where we respect one another.

For understanding is our greatest bond.


 With child-centric education for the whole family

Children learn in everything they do. 

 It’s not just in the classroom but in the world that a family creates around them.

Our belief is that teaching the entire family will strengthen the lesson for each child, extending beyond the classroom into the home and those around them.

By involving parents in their homes, they can be reassured they are doing well and are empowered to provide positive guidance to their children. 


Home Consultations

We offer home consultations to educate and support parents with young children aged birth-six years. We offer basic and comprehensive consultations.  

We cover topics such as:

  • How to communicate effectively 

  • How to deal with 'terrible twos'

  • How to build independence and self autonomy 

  • Building cooperation with your child 

  • Implement Montessori principles in the home

Service available now 

Parent Toddler Classes

Our parent toddler classes is designed to support and guide parents on their parenting/Montessori journey. It will be for children from 16 months - 3 years and they attend with 1 parent/carer. The classes will be run on Saturdays from 9am - 11am.  It will be a calm, controlled and prepared environment where children can learn how to be independent, respectful and responsible.


Montessori Home Based Centre

Our Montessori Family Day Care will be be run by a Montessori trained teacher.  The hours will be from 8:30am-4:30pm and we will be following the Montessori philosophy. It will be a space where children feel loved and have opportunities to be independent. 

 It caters for children aged 16 months - 3 years. 

Full till Jan 2021

Allyson, mother of a 3 year old

Steph was referred to me by a fellow mum I met at a Montessori school's NIDO program. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism both on the phone and conducting her initial home visit. Steph's calm influence, firm but fair, gentle approach has created a beautiful environment in which Isaac is thriving.


Eloise, mother of two children

under the age of 6. 

Steph is the most passionate dedicated Montessori teacher I have ever met. She came to our home via friends and teacher recommendation I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to further their knowledge in Montessori and improve the implementation of the philosophy in their home or just get some advice on how to improve children focus in the home.

Kylie, mother of two children

under 6 years of age. 

Stephanie's respectful, intelligent, kind way of dealing with people pleases both the students and the parents. With a passion about children and their development equaled only by her patience and kindness, Stephanie provides an environment that is a superior place for children to begin their education both academically and emotionally.

Please note spaces are completely FILLED until January 2021 for the Montessori Family Day Care.

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