We offer home consultations to educate and support parents with young children aged birth-six years. 

We cover topics such as:

- How to communicate effectively 

- How to deal with 'terrible twos'

- How to build independence and self autonomy 

- Building cooperation with your child 

- Implement Montessori principles in the home

Starting from $79

Basic Home Consultation 
(can be via skype)

Children aged birth - 6 years

  • Education on the fundamental principles of Montessori 

  • Decluttering of toys for  living room/bedroom

  • Strategies in how to implement the Montessori principles in your home

  • Recommendations on developmentally appropriate activities for your child 

  • Suggestions on how to create independence and self autonomy in the kitchen

  • Strategies on how to effectively communicate

  • Observation report post visit

Comprehensive Consultations


Minimum 4 times 2 hour visits. These comprehensive consultations are based on what you need, it could either be a visit based on how to communicate or solely based on toilet learning or assistance in creating a Montessori home

Children aged 
18 months - 3 years

  • Education on Dr.Maria Montessori theory (Absorbent mind, sensitive periods and four planes on development)

  • Activities that supporting gross motor development

  • Developing fine motor development with food preparation activities

  • Strategies in dealing with the self-affirmation "terrible two's" stage

  • Tips on how to build cooperate with your toddler

  • Support and guidance in creating a Montessori home

  • Guidance on when and how to begin toliet learnin

Children aged
6 weeks - 18 months 

  • Supporting the development of hand coordination

  • Supporting language development

  • Creating an environment that facilitates movement, freedom and independence

  • Observation report post visit

  • Education and support in when and how to start the weaning 

  • Guidance in how to create a sleep routine

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