With a wealth of experience,  training in Montessori education and child development, Stephanie is able to establish a highly effective and specialised learning environment for children. Stephanie holds  an AMI internationally recognised  0-3 years qualification, business qualification and early childhood qualification.. Her years of mentorships from the highly regarded,  experienced and  knowledgeable Montessori teachers/parent coaches Ferne Van Zyl and Sarah Breckenridge has allowed her to successfully run her own parent and toddler programs and home consultations.

While Stephanie specialises with the knowledge of child development from birth to three years old, she also has experience working in a Montessori Stage 1 (3-6), Stage 2  (6-9) class and children with additional needs.


Her passion in supporting and educating families in implementing the Montessori style is expressed in her practical approach that establishes the foundation for an immersive and thought-provoking learning future.

Stephanie Rigopoulos

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